Climate Change

Looking Back at How Climate Change Altered the World in 2020

This year was filled with drastic changes that were mainly contributed by the coronavirus. As the health sector was affected, there was a climate crisis that led to unpredictable weather events.

As industries and transportations took a break due to the imposed lockdowns rules, pollution decreased greatly. However, it is unfortunate that there was an increase in waste, specifically medical and residential waste.

There can be no wonder that among the greenhouse gas emissions, NO2, or nitrous oxide, has become more abundant with a 30-percent growth from 1980 to 2016. With most people staying at homes, wastewater, which is the source of NO2, is expected to increase. Compared to other gases like carbon dioxide, CO2, and methane, CH4, NO2 is the most dangerous and potent and may be the leading contributor to the global heat.

According to studies, the planet was 1.2 degrees Celsius warmer in 2020. Based on records, it is said to be the 3rd warmest in history. This has been due to increase of the ocean’s heat absorption wherein 90 percent of excess heat in the atmosphere is being absorbed. The melting of ice glaciers will surely increase the ocean’s volume and the cycle of heat absorption and melting continues.

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