Climate Change

A Look Back at Global Warming in 2020

2020 is among 3 warmest years ever and the 2011-2020 is believed to be the warmest decade ever recorded. Each year, the state of global warming is gradually increasing.

Although 2020 experienced a lot of lockdowns and industry and transportation shutdowns, pollution is still on a rise from residences.

From January to October, 1.2 degrees Celsius increase was recorded compared to pre-industrial baseline of 1850 to 1900. Even though La NiƱa has been prevailing in the months of August to October, the global temperature keeps on increasing.

The emissions of greenhouse gasses, particularly CH4, CO2 and NO2, have a slight decrease due to the measures imposed by governments against the spread of COVID-19.

However, scientists point out that the oceans have been trapping heat that is supposed to be dispersed in the atmosphere. This has lead to further melting of the ice glaciers, causing an increase in volume of the oceans. Consequently, the cycle of heat entrapment has ensued. If ever there is a general solution to decrease the annual temperature, it has to be a combination of prevention for further destruction and cure of the ongoing environmental damage.

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