Wind Energy

Wind in My Community

If you are familiar with a community solar project, you probably are wondering whether a community wind project is possible. Before arriving on a conclusion, let us analyze how a community solar project works and relate it to wind energy systems.

A community solar project involves having a solar power plant where the output is shared within locally. Those that can benefit from this project include neighborhoods, small-scale businesses and public places.

Wind energy can also be applicable using the same concept. However, this should only be applied if the presence of windmills will provide more benefits rather than the nuisances or disruptions.

Some of the disturbing aspects of having windmills are the noise of the rotating shafts, the flickering caused by the shadow of the rotating blades and occasional bird deaths. Also, it is important to note that each windmill requires a wide clearance; hence, you will need to dedicate a lot area.

Today, wind energy systems don’t depend on windmills entirely. Innovative designs, like the helix-shape wind turbines, have been made that addresses the windmill’s disadvantages. Basing on the size and location of the community, wind energy can be a more valuable asset than solar energy.

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