Solar Energy

Is Solar Energy a Solution for Climate Change?

Fossil fuels have long been the most effective energy source for the industries due to their abundance and constant supply. However, the pollution brought by the operations of the systems that harness fossil fuels are undeniably damaging and the current threat of shortage in supply is inevitable. It is only logical to resort in developing systems to tap on renewable energy resources such as sunlight.

Solar energy is probably the most popular renewable energy. This is because the sun is the source of most of Earth’s stored energy. While the sun can rise and set, solar energy systems still have all the time to absorb the ‘excess’ energy from sunlight.

With the rising emissions of greenhouse gases, all of the leading organizations for environment safety are constantly monitoring one indicator: the ‘carbon footprint”. The carbon footprint is where a particular activity’s capability of contributing to greenhouse gases such as CO2 is measured.

Without doubt, transitioning from coal-fired power plants to solar farms can greatly reduce the carbon footprint. Another way to lower the carbon footprint is by exercising the 3Rs: reduce, reuse and recycle.

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