Wind Energy

The Basics of Wind Energy

Wind energy is basically energy derived from wind that can be harnessed to produce electricity. Usually, electric fans work by plugging them to an electrical outlet. However, the operations of wind energy systems are completely reverse to that.

Wind mills rotate when wind passes through and this helps with the wind energy process. If a location experiences strong wind such as in ocean shores, a massive windmill is appropriate in order to maximize the resource.

The shaft of the windmill is coupled to a turbine, which rotates and this drives the shaft of the generator to rotate accordingly. To sum it up, wind moves the blades of the windmill and then the mechanical energy is transmitted towards the turbine and to the generator’s shaft.

Due to the basics of electromagnetism, the generator’s output is electricity. If the wind reaches 6 to 9 mph, the turbine will start to generate electricity. Basically, an increase in speed increases the electricity production.

Since wind can be unpredictable, the more windmills you have, the more chances you can optimize its movement. That set-up is called as ‘wind farm’.

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