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Water crisis and climate change in Mexico


To hear about water crisis in Ethiopia does not surprise, but not many people would expect that Mexico, an industrializing country, is facing serious water challenges. Punctually to the 20th anniversary of Conagua (Mexico’s National Water Commission), Mexico City has to close its water taps: from January until the end of the dry season (April), …

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Green Year Ahead? 9 things to know in 2009 about Mexican climate change policy


Mexico’s willingness to commit to voluntary emissions caps at COP-14 put it at the forefront of climate change mitigation efforts in Latin America, and made the country the example to follow for other developing nations. But Mexico’s efforts to implement climate change policy this year and in the future will be challenged and shaped by …

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How green is Mexico’s economic crisis plan?

President F. Calderon and Treasury Secretary A. Carstens

A few days ago, Mexico’s president F. Calderon announced the Agreement to support households and employment (Acuerdo de Apoyo a la Economía Familiar y el Empleo) to abate the impacts of the economic crisis. Having discussed the possibility of integrating climate change concerns into economic recovery with 70 high level policy makers at the GLOBE …

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Competing priorities – an outlook for Mexico’s climate change policy in 2009


Mexico ended the year 2008 with great expectations regarding climate change action for the year to come: demonstrating leadership, it announced voluntary emissions reductions through a cap-and-trade scheme to be operational by 2012. But the efforts necessary for this undertaking could be seriously hampered by other national priorities: the fight against organized crime – and …

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