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Towards a Greater Role for Developing Countries at COP16

Article by Guest Contributor: Joelle Westlund Emerging from the four preparatory rounds in Bonn, Germany and Tianjin, China, developing countries have reason to doubt the progress to be made at the COP16 conference in Cancun. In the meetings leading up to  the conference, China and the United States have already disclosed their predisposition towards agreements …

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Mexico proposes ambitious law on climate change

COP16 Mexico Image

In anticipation to the 16th Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC, the Mexican Presidency anticipates to demonstrate the potential for innovative policies to address climate change. The Mexican Government has already presented an ambitious plan to mitigate carbon emissions (50 million tonnes by 2012); recent legislation suggests an adaptation framework. Mexico is highly vulnerable …

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Mexico’s social protection policies: can they tackle climate risks?

PROGRESA/Oportunidades: Social protection in Mexico (Image by: Peter Bate, IDB, 2004)

Global environmental change, particularly in the form of global warming, exacerbates the risks faced by vulnerable rural communities whose livelihoods depend on climate-sensitive activities. The occurrence of immediate climate shocks, such as unseasonal droughts or floods, negatively affects food systems, thereby reducing the economic welfare of rural populations. Climate change is essentially a developmental challenge. …

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Mexico’s vulnerability to hurricane risk


The extremely high hurricane season of 2005 highlighted the vulnerability of coastal communities to extreme weather events.  The costliest (Katrina) and the most intense (Wilma) hurricanes were recorded in this season. Hurricane formation is closely linked to sea surface temperature. Climate models agree that the intensity and frequency of hurricanes will increase over the next …

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The Three-Tier Challenge: Renewable Energy Policy Negotiation in Mexico

State Government Offices

It is clear that Mexico has begun taking legislative steps towards implementing climate change policy (and greener energy policy generally) in the country.  Perhaps the clearest example of this is the Ley Para el Aprovechamiento de Energías Renovables y el Financiamento de la Transición Energética (Law for Renewable Energy Usage and Energy Transition Financing), which …

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Water crisis and climate change in Mexico


To hear about water crisis in Ethiopia does not surprise, but not many people would expect that Mexico, an industrializing country, is facing serious water challenges. Punctually to the 20th anniversary of Conagua (Mexico’s National Water Commission), Mexico City has to close its water taps: from January until the end of the dry season (April), …

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Green Year Ahead? 9 things to know in 2009 about Mexican climate change policy


Mexico’s willingness to commit to voluntary emissions caps at COP-14 put it at the forefront of climate change mitigation efforts in Latin America, and made the country the example to follow for other developing nations. But Mexico’s efforts to implement climate change policy this year and in the future will be challenged and shaped by …

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