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REDD –Week 2 of the Cancun Conference

Deforestation in Ecuador. © stevemonty

Article by Guest Contributor: Natalie Antonowicz During the second week of negotiations at Cancun, expectations for progress on the United Nations’ Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) program declined. Delegates remained divided about rules on safeguards and finance, as well as the scope of REDD. Overall, however, the second week of the Cancun …

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(Un)civil society and climate change politics in Latin America

Protests of the Movimiento Nacional en Defensa del Petroleo

“Yesterday here in Davos I heard three heads of state from Latin America seize leadership on “green” issues.” Nancy Birdsall’s (former vice-president of the Inter-American Development Bank) blog was full positive surprise. Apart from economic factors she attributes this leadership to “two decades of democracy, rising educational levels and civic activism” Funnily (or worringly), in …

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Low Carbon, High Growth in Latin America

World Bank Global financial & climate crises

Last week the World Bank released a report on Latin America’s responses (or possible responses) to the challenge of climate change with the promising title: Low Carbon, High Growth – yet, beyond providing some informative analysis of the costs of climate change and distribution of responsibilities in the Latin American region, the policy conclusions rest on …

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