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Milliband’s Green Opportunity to Reform the UK’s Political Agenda

Ed Milliband at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester last week

Ed Milliband narrowly defeated his older brother David Milliband for the Labour Party’s leadership on Saturday, boosting the prospects of the environment taking priority at the forefront of UK policy making. During his last 18-month tenure as Minister for Energy & Climate Change, Ed Milliband boasts an impressive track record for progressing environmental policy within …

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Heathrow’s expansion will go ahead but what happened to climate change targets?

(Source: John Stillwell/PA Wire www.telegraph.co.uk)

Plans for a third runway at Heathrow got the go-ahead from the transport secretary, Geoff Hoon today, despite the barrage of opposition on environmental grounds from environmentalists, scientists, MPs, celebrities and local residents. At full capacity, an expanded Heathrow (expected by 2020) would become the biggest single source of C02 emissions in the country; emitting …

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London Climate Protests: Non-violent Direct Action

While there are many stories that could be told about the Global Day of Climate Action, I would like to talk about the rising star of climate campaigning: non-violent direct action, or NVDA. Today campaigners in over 40 countries marched in a global effort to increase government action on climate change. Climatico had half-a-dozen analysts …

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