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Road to Copenhagen…UK plans are revealed

Road to Copenhagen

December 2009 is the key date when global world leaders aim to agree a ‘Global’ climate change plan at the forthcoming UN Summit at Copenhagen.  UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his Energy and Climate Change Secretary, Ed Miliband, outline what they would like to see emerge from the December 2009 Copenhagen summit in replacement to …

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UK claims to control the Atlantic sea


The historic Anglo-Argentinean dispute, since 1833 has flared up again over territorial claims over the Atlantic Sea Bed in the search for oil, mineral and gas reserves. In a recent submission to the United Nation’s, both Argentina and Britain has requested to extend control over almost identical underwater land area’s in the Falkland and surrounding …

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“Carbon Bonds” – could they finance our way to a low carbon economy?

Could carbon bonds hold the solution to save our planet?

The G20 has just been and gone, but another London summit last month saw Prime Minister Gordon Brown, business secretary Lord Mandelson and climate change secretary Ed Miliband, talk of the danger that Britain would get left behind in the “global race” towards a low-carbon economy. The flipside, they said, was an opportunity to create …

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The G20 Summit – A Day in Review

Geithner, Obama and Brown

As expected, the global economy took center stage at the G20 Summit held yesterday in London. Amidst the world economic crisis, G20 leaders met to discuss and put forth a global plan for recovery. Included amongst the six pledges made by the leaders of the Group of Twenty was a pledge for a green and …

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Credit or Environmental crunch; CRC targets expanded to all UK businesses


Under the Government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme, announced last May, from next year every organisation that consumes more than 6,000 megawatt hours of electricity in 2008 or about £500,000-worth will now buy carbon allowances. The mandatory cap and trade scheme will affect 5,000 large companies and local authorities in Britain and is aimed at …

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Sir David King predicts a century of “resource wars”…but could a global green new deal save the day?

A green new deal calls for heavy investment in renewable energy technologies

Talking in London last week, Sir David King, the UK’s former chief scientific advisor warned of “resource wars” as climate change fuels a scramble for commodities, in particular scarce resources. Describing the Iraq war was only the first of this century’s “resource wars”, in which powerful countries use force to secure valuable commodities, King predicts that …

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Heathrow’s expansion will go ahead but what happened to climate change targets?

(Source: John Stillwell/PA Wire www.telegraph.co.uk)

Plans for a third runway at Heathrow got the go-ahead from the transport secretary, Geoff Hoon today, despite the barrage of opposition on environmental grounds from environmentalists, scientists, MPs, celebrities and local residents. At full capacity, an expanded Heathrow (expected by 2020) would become the biggest single source of C02 emissions in the country; emitting …

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