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Towards Consensus: Integrating Carbon Capture and Storage into the CDM at Cancun

Carbon capture and storage plant in Germany. © Vattenfall

Article by Guest Contributor: Natalie Antonowicz During the second week of negotiations at the Cancun Conference, delegates made progress regarding the designation of carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects as applicable for funding under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Under the CDM, developed countries may gain emissions reduction credit by undertaking environmentally sound projects in …

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EU Council: discussion ends in agreement to have more discussion

In line with expectations, EU leaders did not make any substantial progress on agreeing their Copenhagen negotiating position in their Council meeting last week. The formal conclusions of the summit run to twenty-three pages, of which only four paragraphs address the international climate negotiations. The discussions were dominated by economic stimulation measures and tightening regulation …

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Poznan Day 12: Al Gore – Celebrity ambition?

Source: Benkamorvan@Flickr.

Nobel Prize winning Al Gore addressed a jam-packed plenary today, to reinforce the urgency of the global climate change crisis we face. “The road to Copenhagen is clear…” Gore stressed that the ‘optimism and hope’  we see today are great enough to help us to reach an agreement in Copenhagen, in spite of the obstacles …

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