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Achieving Progress Without Addressing the Details: Capacity Building Negotiations at Cancun

Underwater cabinet meeting held in the Maldives, to call attention to climate change in small island states. © Divers Association of Maldives

Article by Guest Contributor: Natalie Antonowicz During the second week of the Cancun Conference, developing countries continued to express their unique vulnerability to climate change, and push for increased involvement and assistance from developed countries. Some progress was indeed made on this issue, but concerns remain about the ability of vulnerable states to address climate …

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Bangladesh fears adaptation financing shortfall

who should be bailed out - him, or Bangladeshis? (source: autocar.co.uk)

Low-lying Bangladesh is often cited as one of the countries likely to be worst hit by climate change, particularly due to sea-level rise. Urgent measures in Bangladesh’s 10-year action plan are predicted to cost $5 billion in the first five years.They’ve already raised $45 million from donors, but now there are fears that support will …

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New website monitoring climate funds

ODI (source: odi.org.uk)

A few weeks ago, a new website monitoring climate funds was launched. Called www.climatefundsupdate.org it is funded by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), amongst others. However, it is an independent website, and aims to provides information on the growing number of climate change funding initiatives, and will track their progress up to Copenhagen. In particular, …

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Recipients announced for Climate Investment Funds


Last year, rich countries pledged some $6 billion for the World Bank’s Climate Investment Funds (CIFs), to which the UK is a significant contributor. It has recently been announced that some 8 countries are allowed to submit proposals for the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience (PPCR). These are Bangladesh, Bolivia, Cambodia, Mozambique, Nepal, Niger, Tajikistan …

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Brazil launches National Climate Change Plan


Brazilian Minister for the Environment Carlos Minc launched the country’s national strategy to address climate change, signed by President Lola on 1st December 2008. Whilst the developing country previously held a defensive position, the launch of this strategy represents a shift to a more leadership position, with which they hope to influence the G77 and …

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Poznan Day 12: A last-minute deal on the Adaptation Fund

The Prime Minister of Tuvalu (source: apwf.org)

At the beginning of the negotiations at Poznan, it was suggested that the Adaptation Fund (AF) was one of the few areas on which significant progress would be made (see my previous post). In the end, negotiations even on this issue went right to the wire, after there was failure to reach an agreement by …

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Poznan Day 12: Al Gore – Celebrity ambition?

Source: Benkamorvan@Flickr.

Nobel Prize winning Al Gore addressed a jam-packed plenary today, to reinforce the urgency of the global climate change crisis we face. “The road to Copenhagen is clear…” Gore stressed that the ‘optimism and hope’  we see today are great enough to help us to reach an agreement in Copenhagen, in spite of the obstacles …

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