Images from COP 14

Selected photos from the UNFCCC COP 14 in Poznan, Poland. Photos are courtesy Robert vanWaarden, photographer for the International Youth Delegation to COP 14. Related posts: Live from Poznan Poznan Day 9: Updates (CDM, Finance,...

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Poznan Day 6: As it happens

  Welcome to the sixth day of the Poznan COP/CMP conference. We shall be providing updates as they happen in the rooms and corridors around the conference.  Click the Poznan COP-14 tab at the top of page! Related posts: Poznan...

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Live from Poznan

Climatico’s delegation has now arrived at the UN Climate Change Conference in Poznan.   This year’s conference has been themed around various issues that the event must tackle: today is Finance day.  The UNFCCC daily...

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