10 000 marched on the National Climate March in London yesterday. The march ended in Parliament Square, historic site of political protest, and was co-ordinated with campaign activity in 40 countries world-wide. In this week when the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change takes place in Poznan, why has the UK media remained almost silent on this popular protest?

Media silence

A search of UK news websites reveals meagre coverage. Not only did the march fail to make it into the headlines, but on most sites there was no article at all. Even on the sites where sceptical commentary might have been expected, there was nothing. This is worrying; all publicity is good publicity. Back in 2006 the media’s over-indulgence in climate change stories was criticised as ‘climate porn’. Have we entered an age of climate prudery?

Media Fatigue?

Climate change stories do receive media coverage in the UK, but the limited response to the National Climate March suggests that they might be bored with this story. If even headline speaker, Caroline Lucas MEP, is doubtful about the effectiveness of marching year after year, perhaps it is time for a re-think.

The Need to Engage

Keen environmentalists and event organisers clearly care, but it’s time move on with the National Climate March and to find new ways to engage both the media and the wider public. In this period of economic doom and gloom we need more climate change fun. Let’s get the musicians, artists and celebrities on board again. Maybe see you at the Heathrow Tea Party to share cakes and ideas?!

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