ODI (source: odi.org.uk)

A few weeks ago, a new website monitoring climate funds was launched. Called www.climatefundsupdate.org it is funded by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), amongst others.

However, it is an independent website, and aims to provides information on the growing number of climate change funding initiatives, and will track their progress up to Copenhagen. In particular, it will follow where they are being developed, what they support, and how they will be disbursed. In particular, I have found the flowchart here useful, which shows how several of the funds link the various bodies with bilateral and multilateral donors.

The number of climate-related funds is growing and growing. This website should provide a useful portal to monitor how much is actually being disbursed from each, and indeed some detail on the individual projects. Upwards of 800 projects are already listed on the searchable database, some mitigation, some adaptation.

It is a good thing that these kinds of initiatives are popping up. Let us hope that the website will be updated regularly, and continue to be a useful resource to Copenhagen and beyond.

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