The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) just released an online simulation tool that gives the public a chance to make big decisions over the UK’s energy future. Launched Thursday 3 March in London, My2050 is a user-friendly web application that is designed to allow the public to try out a variety of scenarios for bringing the UK to a secure, low carbon economy, and voice their input on what 2050 should look like.

Choices include such options as increasing the number of nuclear power stations, solar panels, wind turbines, or electric vehicles in order to hit the 2050 target of an 80 per cent carbon emission reduction.

The Government also updated its 2050 Calculator, the more technical counterpart to My2050 that gives a detailed look at the energy and emissions system in the UK based on physical and technical limits of various technologies. The updated 2050 Calculator is based on extensive discussions held with engineers, energy producers, and environmental groups, along with other stakeholders, in order to obtain an accurate picture of the UK’s future energy potential.

On Monday 7 March, in promotion of the launch of My2050 and 2050 Calculator, the DECC will open discussion to the public in order to bring to light the difficult energy issues that the UK will face in the coming years.

According to Chris Huhne, Energy and Climate Change Secretary, “There’s no silver bullet solution to the UK’s energy future. This project is all about getting to grips with the hard choices and trade-offs which need to be made, choices which will affect our homes, communities and the way we travel. We can’t afford to leave it till tomorrow – so get involved today.”

So, check it out and share with us your thoughts.

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