A few days ago, Mexico’s president F. Calderon announced the Agreement to support households and employment (Acuerdo de Apoyo a la Economía Familiar y el Empleo) to abate the impacts of the economic crisis. Having discussed the possibility of integrating climate change concerns into economic recovery with 70 high level policy makers at the GLOBE meeting in November, Mexico’s anti-crisis plan indeed shows some green features.

  1. The government will support families to exchange their old household appliances with new energetically more efficient ones.
  2. Part of the employment created under the Temporary Employment Programme will be used for cleaning up forests and water bodies from garbage (garbage is the main methane emitter in Mexico).
  3. Mexico will speed up its Infrastructure programme focusing on improving PEMEX oil distribution infrastructure.

The administration certainly shows good will; whether the net effect will be “climatically” positive or negative depends on the net effect of other crisis policies such as the reduction of industrial electricity tariffs and the accelerated extension of road and highways.

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