An important factor in gauging public opinion about an issue is identifying the “level of responsibility”, i.e. who should take control of tackling the issue. Generally, in global issues such as climate change these are individuals, corporations, national governments, and international institutions.

Often polling on climate change focuses on one or two of these issues, so it’s very nice to have an EU report which examines all of these simultaneously thus eliminating most method bias. The poll, published in September this year highlights some interesting facts about who EU citizens think should be taking control of the climate change agenda.

EU Sept 2008

The chart above highlights two important interrelations, that of the relationship between individuals and corporations, and that of the national governments and the EU. 9% more of EU citizens (over 44 million people) think that corporations are not doing enough than think that citizens are not doing enough. This might provide a scape goat for lack of individual action shown in my next blog.

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