On March 5 2009 Climatico released its first assessment report of national climate policy across twelve of the G20 countries.

This, the first of four reports leading to COP-15 in December 2009, tracks progress in government climate policy between 1st November 2008 and 20th February 2009.  Through this tracking the report draws conclusions about general trends between national policies to understand how climate policy is developing in the major greenhouse gas-emitting countries.   This ‘overview’ is presented in an editorial in Chapter 1 of the report. The report also includes a special chapter on energy policy in China.

Some of the main findings of the report are:

  • A significant funding gap is appearing for adaptation, as developing country lack domestic resources and capacity and also appear unable to rely on international transfer mechanisms to meet their financing needs.  It is at present unclear how adaptation will be effectively financed.
  • The financial crisis is allowing a mainstreaming of climate change into recovery packages, accelerating otherwise difficult shifts to low carbon growth in developed countries. However, the same crisis is causing a major slow down in projects that do not contribute to financial recovery (see Box 2 on page 10).
  • CDM project growth in Mexico and Indonesia is already slowing significantly compared to business projections for early 2009, with most Indonesian projects on hold.

The countries included in the report are: UK, EU, France, Germany, Canada, USA, Mexico, India, China, Indonesia, Japan, Australia.

For enquires please contact:

Simon Billett, Research Director  (simon.billett@climaticoanalysis.org)

Dan Lewer, Communications Director (dan.lewer@climaticoanalysis.org)

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