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What next for the G8?

Uploaded on August 8, 2006 by OneEighteen

Those hoping the G8 would achieve a breakthrough in Climate negotiations, would only need to look at the history of the G8 to know it is often more like an extended press conference for the G8 countries to touch base and put out some symbolic gestures on the issue of the day, meanwhile the real …

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The outcomes: what did the G20 achieve for Climate Change?


The G20 Summit in London has now concluded, with US President Obama filling the main press briefing room for an hour-long press session.  The main points of the summit for international and national climate policy are summarised below: Overall: In the substantive elements of the summit outcomes there is little mention of climate change.  In …

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The G20 Summit – A Day in Review

Geithner, Obama and Brown

As expected, the global economy took center stage at the G20 Summit held yesterday in London. Amidst the world economic crisis, G20 leaders met to discuss and put forth a global plan for recovery. Included amongst the six pledges made by the leaders of the Group of Twenty was a pledge for a green and …

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