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A Surprise Ending for Durban (Almost)

Negotiators work on an agreement late into the night, 10 December 2011. (Photo taken by the United Kingdom's Department of Energy and Climate Change)

The Durban conference on climate change ended on a much better note than many expected, but continued to delay the toughest questions for at least three years. The final outcome of the conference, COP-17, is a two-page, breakthrough document called the “Durban Platform for Enhanced Action” […]

The End of Durban May Mean the End of Kyoto


The end of the Durban conference is approaching, and in all likelihood, the end of the Kyoto Protocol along with it. Developments in the last few days indicate the outcome is more likely to confirm a global disagreement, rather than agreement, over the idea of a second Kyoto commitment period, or “Kyoto II,” for all countries, both developed and developing. […]

India Rejects EU Plan for New Treaty After Kyoto

Protests called a Global Day of Action, a march for action on climate change, in Durban, South Africa, on December 3, 2011. (Photo by: tcktcktck, Global Campaign for Climate Action)

With the Durban climate change negotiations barely a week old, key countries are drawing their “red line” positions in the sand. On one side of the line, where the Group of 77 (G77) + China and other developing countries firmly sit, is a second commitment period under the Kyoto Protocol that continues binding targets for current country signatories after the first period expires at the end of 2012 (excluding Canada, which has announced that it is pulling out of the treaty altogether). On the other is a European Union plan for a new global agreement with binding targets for all countries beginning in 2015 and in force by 2020. […]

The G77 unlikely to get Kyoto II at COP-17

The International Conference Centre in Durban, South Africa, venue of the COP17 climate change negotiations.

Heading into Durban and the United Nations Climate Change Conference, otherwise known as the Seventeenth Conference of Parties (COP-17), the G77 remains committed to its long-standing position of achieving a legally binding agreement. Given the ongoing stalemate between developed and developing countries, however, many media accounts say they are unlikely to achieve it anytime soon […]

Tainted CDM credits – preserving the integrity of the EU ETS

Disputed land (Source: Achmad Rabin Taim)

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) credits have been receiving plenty of bad press, with the latest being reports of human rights abuses committed in Honduras over the ownership of credit-producing land. This is particularly serious as the CDM has been set up to feed into the EU ETS, which means that CDM credits find their way …

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UN Security Council debate inches climate and security forward

The United Nations Security Council in a 2006 meeting (Photo courtesy of the United Nations).

Charged meaningless by some and pathetic by others, yesterday’s debate in the United Nations Security Council on the security implications of climate change disappointed the hopes of those in the policy community who, for years, sought action on climate change by the Security Council in absence of any effective multilateral agreement by the United Nations …

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Cancun Agreements a success?

Mombasa Kenya

Article by Guest Contributor: Joelle Westlund With the closing of the 16th Conference of Parties convention, participants have shelved their decision making until the COP17 in South Africa. Developing countries have left the conferences with reasonable promised support from developed countries and the additional challenge of resisting Japan’s stance on future agreements. Developing countries did …

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