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  1. India’s new government starts off on a green note — 14 June 2009
  2. Unveiling environmental plans in urban India — 3 May 2009
  3. The Indian Elections: how green are the political manifestos? — 10 April 2009
  4. Prioritising renewable energy — 28 March 2009
  5. Mining in India: development versus the environment — 20 March 2009

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  2. Water Security and the politicisation of water in India — 4 comments
  3. India’s solar power mission takes off — 4 comments
  4. Prioritising renewable energy — 3 comments
  5. Bringing the environment to the elections in India — 2 comments

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India’s new government starts off on a green note

Delhi. Photo courtesy Flickr/Carlton Browne

Environmental issues are central to the new government’s plan. Refusing to sign up to “any legal commitments or binding, mandatory targets on climate change”, Jairam Ramesh, the new Environment and Forests Minister reiterated that India will stick to its own climate change initiative: the eight national missions announced in the NAPCC last year. Perhaps reacting …

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Unveiling environmental plans in urban India


Nearly a year after India’s climate change plan was revealed, Indian cities are waking up to incorporating climate change action into their policies. The capital, Delhi, has recently unveiled its own climate change action plan that incorporates six out of eight of the nation’s CC missions.  Parts of this initiative are a number of transport …

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The Indian Elections: how green are the political manifestos?

An Indian voter with his voter id. Courtesy Flickr/KKalyan

    ‘We will protect India’s natural environment and take steps to rejuvenate it.’  (Congress party election manifesto).  ‘One earth, green earth: Creating the right environment.’  (BJP party election manifesto) Consensus in election manifestos is the last thing one would expect during the national elections in India. But as it turns out, India’s leading political parties …

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Prioritising renewable energy

Photo courtesy js42/Flickr

Renewable energy has been in the Indian news a lot lately. Firstly, India is gearing up for a partnership in renewable energy with the United States: an American trade mission exploring possible tie-ups in solar energy has come to India at a time when India is fleshing out its national solar mission (which was announced …

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Mining in India: development versus the environment

Photo courtesy Flickr/dodo_anji

  “In bureaucratic system obedience to power and self-goals have pushed self-consciousness and uprightness into darkness.” These words, written by a forest department official in his retirement letter were in response to the mining controversy that has brought the state of Haryana under scrutiny for indiscriminate mining policies. Following a stern report by the Central …

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Playing for power: Energy security and electricity crises in India

Electricity woes. Photo Courtesy Berni???/Flickr

   Bangalore hasn’t been the best of cities to stay in these past few days. Reeling under the burden of a severe power crisis, multiple endless unscheduled power cuts crippled the IT city and the southern state of Karnataka. Falling right in the middle of unseasonably hot weather, end of year exams and pre-election momentum, …

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Bringing the environment to the elections in India

'India the largest democracy in the world welcomes you'. Photo: Flickr/Vineet Timble

   Climate Change is becoming a common topic in India these days. Whether it’s one of India’ leading actors becoming the spokesperson of an Earth Hour campaign or celebrities coming together for a greenfest on a 24 hour ‘Greenathon ’ or businesses cashing in on this green fever, it seems everyone is going green. Well, almost. These climate change campaigns …

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