BIO Energy

Modern Bio-Energy Critical Meeting Global Climate Change Goals

When most people think of renewable energy, solar panels and windmills are the usual topics of concern. Little do people know that bioenergy holds equal importance compared to hydro energy, solar energy and wind energy. The use of biomass can provide massive benefits.

The reason for such relevance of biomass is that its application can extend beyond from as main resource for electricity. It can be used as fuel for cooking and even transportation. Bioenergy utilizes organic matter, specifically plants and plant-based products, and consumes them in solid, liquid (as biofuel) or gas (as biogas) state.

However, one challenge being brought up in the meeting is how bioenergy is extracted. There have been many shady practices in which plants are being utilized more for energy fuels than food source. Thankfully, the leaders of the energy sectors will prioritize the safe practices only.

One great example of the potential of bioenergy is Finland. Almost 80 percent of its renewable energy industry comprise of bioenergy products. Instead of consuming wide areas of forests, wastes and residues are being selected to extract bioenergy. Such practices can set the bar of standard for harnessing biomass.

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