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Fast-Start Finance Pledges

Developed Country Fast-Start Climate Finance Pledges
As of May 2011
CountryPledgedCommitted 2010Total Pledged (USD)
Australia$599 million (AUD)$599 million (AUD) (FY2010-2011)$640 million
Belgium€150 million€42 million$215 million
Canada$400 million (CAD)$414 million
DenmarkDKK 1.2 billionDKK 308 million$231 million
European Commission€150 million (€50 million/year)€50 million$215 million
European Union (not included in EC total)€7.2 billion€2.2 billion mobilized$10,307 million
Finland€110 million€24.5 million$157 million
France€1.26 billion€420 million$1,804 million
Germany€1.26 billion€356 million planned allocation$1,804 million
Iceland$1 million$500,000 allocated for both 2011 and 2012$1 million
IrelandUp to €100 million total$143 million
Japan$15 billion$7.2 billion$15,000 million
Luxembourg€9 million€3 million$13 million
Malta€0.8 million€0.15 million$1 million
Netherlands€310 million$444 million
Norway (not already included)$1 billion for 2010-2012$382 million$1,000 million
Portugal€36 million€12 million$52 million
Slovenia€8 million€473,000$11 million
Spain€375 million€134 million$537 million
Sweden€800 million€115 million$1,145 million
SwitzerlandCHF 140 million$159 million
United Kingdom£1.5 billion£568 million (FY2010-2011)$2,454 million
United States$1.704 billion budgeted (FY 2010)$1,704 million

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