Renewable Energy

Implementing Ways to Support Renewable Energy that Protects the Wild

While the quest for harnessing renewable energy sources in order to substitute coal and other fossil fuels is still ongoing, there is a growing concern of power plants affecting the landscapes in a negative way. The concern includes troubling the wildlife animals in their habitats, clearing of trees and irresponsible disposal of unused materials.

The Natural Resources Defense Council, or NDRC, is keen in promoting a ‘smart from the start’ mindset when trying to construct infrastructures for renewable energy systems. It seeks to ensure that no natural habitat will be disturbed right from the building to operation of the renewable energy power plants. Other than the power plants, the transmission lines are also part of the consideration.

Former landscapes and agricultural areas that are damaged from power plant developments are also being prioritized in restoring their previous functions. Furthermore, biomass systems are being considered as alternative energy resource. However, studies prove that burning wood is as deadly as burning fossil fuels.

To further stabilize the advocacies, progressive countries like the U.S. and Europe are discouraged from giving incentives on development of biomass systems. This is because most companies are forming biomass from burning wood pellets rather than using more sustainable alternatives like agricultural residues and sawdust are encouraged to be used.

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