Wind Energy

Three Environmental Benefits of Wind Energy

Wind energy is one of the sources of energy that are considered renewable. It is naturally occurring and totally accessible. Therefore, having an energy system that harnesses the power of wind can greatly contribute to the sustainability of electricity and to the preservation of the environment.

1. Reduction Of Carbon Footprint and Greenhouse Gases

Wind energy systems rely solely on the power of the wind. Therefore, no fuels are burned, and no greenhouse gases are emitted. Compared to the output, the wind energy systems are significantly less than the coal-fired power plants but the carbon footprint on windmills is almost zero.

2. Limiting Consumption of Natural Resources

Since wind occurs naturally, it is inexhaustible. No fossil fuels are utilized and no other organic materials are being combusted. Aside from that, there is no wastewater as a byproduct. Clearly, employing windmills will save other natural resources for better and longer use.

3. Non-Disruption of Land

Windmills can be as gigantic as skyscrapers, and the rotation of the blades can definitely kill birds and destroy one-seater planes. However, windmills are erected on wide planes and therefore, no forests are cleared and no waterways are contaminated.

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