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United Kingdom

Party to the Convention: Yes
Party to the Protocol: Yes
UNFCCC Status: Annex I
2020 Reduction Target: 34% (1990). 20-30% (1990), collectively with EU.
2050 Reduction Target: 80% (1990)
Fast-Start Pledge: $2368M (£1,500M)
National Communication: Fifth National Communication


Policy NameTypeYear
Act on CO2Climate Change Policy2007
Climate Change ActClimate Change Policy2008
The UK Low Carbon Transition PlanClimate Change Policy2009
DEFRA's Climate Change Plan 2010Climate Change Policy2010
Beyond Copenhagen: The UK Government's International Climate change action planClimate Change Policy2010
2050 Pathways AnalysisClimate Change Policy2010
Carbon PlanClimate Change Policy2011
UK International Climate Fund (ICF)Climate Change Policy2011 - 2015
Green Investment BankClimate Change Policy2012
The Renewables ObligationClean & renewable energy generation2002
Planning and Energy Act 2008Clean & renewable energy generation2008
Energy Act 2009- 2010Clean & renewable energy generation2010
Feed-in TariffsClean & renewable energy generation2010
Planning our electric future: a white paper for secure, affordable and low-carbon energyClean & renewable energy generation2011
The Renewable Transport Fuel Obligations (Amendment) Order 2011Clean & renewable energy generation2011
Energy Act 2011Clean & renewable energy generation2011
UK Renewable Heat Premium Payment SchemeClean & renewable energy generation2011
UK Marine Energy ProgrammeClean & renewable energy generation2011
Carbon Abatement Technologies (CAT) ProgrammeClean & renewable energy generation2011
Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) SchemeClean & renewable energy generation2011
Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO)Clean & renewable energy generation2011
DECC Support for the Overseas TerritoriesClean & renewable energy generation2012
UK CSS Commercialisation ProgrammeClean & renewable energy generation2012
Interim Funding to Accelerate MDB Response to Developing Country Demand for Clean EnergyClean & renewable energy generation2010 – 2012
UK Renewable Energy Roadmap: updateClean & renewable energy generation2012
Renewable Heat Premium Payment schemeClean & renewable energy generation2012
Electricity Market ReformClean & renewable energy generationIn development
Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC)Efficiency in energy consumption2007
Energy Efficiency Action PlanEfficiency in energy consumption2007
Low Carbon Transistion PlanEfficiency in energy consumption2009
Vehicle Excise Duty (VED): fuel type and CO2 emission vehicle bandsEfficiency in energy consumption2009
Plug-In Car GrantEfficiency in energy consumption2010
The Household Energy Management StrategyEfficiency in energy consumption2010
Extension of Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT)Efficiency in energy consumption2011
Local Sustainable Transport FundEfficiency in energy consumption2011
Green Bus Fund Round 3Efficiency in energy consumption2011
The Future of Heating: A Strategic Framework for Low Carbon Heat in the UKEfficiency in energy consumption2012
Plug-In Van GrantEfficiency in energy consumption2012
Green DealEfficiency in energy consumptionNA
Smart MetersEfficiency in energy consumptionExpected 2014
Woodland Carbon Task ForceREDD / LULUCF2010
Multi-Stakeholder Forestry Programme - Nepal [200773]REDD / LULUCF2010
Woodland Carbon CodeREDD / LULUCF2011
Third Edition of the UK Woodland Assurance Standard (UKWAS)REDD / LULUCF2011
UK Forestry StandardREDD / LULUCF2011
Understanding the carbon and greenhouse gas balance of forests in BritainREDD / LULUCF2012

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