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Party to the Convention: Yes
Party to the Protocol: Yes
UNFCCC Status: Non Annex I
Voluntary 2020 Reduction Target: 30% (BAU)
Voluntary 2050 Reduction Target: 50% (BAU)
National Communication: Fourth National Communication (Spanish)


Policy NameTypeYear
Voluntary Programme for GHG emission accounting and reportingClimate Change Policy2004
National Climate Change StrategyClimate Change Policy2007
Special Climate Change ProgramClimate Change Policy2009 - 2012
General Climate Change Law (federal level)Climate Change Policy2012
State Climate Change LawsClimate Change PolicyUnder development
State Climate Action Plans (PEACC)Climate Change PolicyUnder development
Municipal Climate Action Plans (PACMUN)Climate Change PolicyUnder development
Decrees of the Energy ReformClean & renewable energy generation2008
Law to Use Renewable Energies and to Finance the Energey Transition (LAERFTE)Clean & renewable energy generation2008
Methodologies and model contracts for service agreements for renewable energy and cogenerationClean & renewable energy generationVarious years
Public Electricity Service LawClean & renewable energy generation1975 (last revised 2012)
National Energy Strategy 2012 - 2026Clean & renewable energy generation2012
Rules for Interconnection to the National Electricity GridClean & renewable energy generation2012
FIDE LabelEfficiency in energy consumption1993
Green Mortgage Programme (Hipoteca Verde)Efficiency in energy consumption2007
Program to substitute electrical appliances to enhance energy efficiencyEfficiency in energy consumption2009 (last modified)
National Programme for the Sustainable Use of Energy (PRONASE)Efficiency in energy consumption2009
Standard for Energy Efficiency of Washing Machines (NOM-005-ENER-2010)Efficiency in energy consumption2010
Standard for Energy Efficiency of Lighting (NOM-028-ENER-2010)Efficiency in energy consumption2010
Standard for Energy Efficiency of Air Conditioners (NOM-023-ENER-2010)Efficiency in energy consumption2010
National Project for Efficient Street LightingEfficiency in energy consumption2010
Standard for Energy Efficiency of Buildings (NOM-020-ENER-2011)Efficiency in energy consumption2011
Standard for Energy Efficiency of Refrigerators and Freezers (NOM-015-ENER-2012)Efficiency in energy consumption2012
Energy efficiency programEfficiency in energy consumptionNo information
Eco-loans for businessesEfficiency in energy consumptionNo information
My tortilla (efficiency program for tortilla machines)Efficiency in energy consumptionNo information
Education for the rational use of energyEfficiency in energy consumptionNo information
Prize for Energy SavingsEfficiency in energy consumptionNo information
ProÁrbol - Programa de Desarrollo Forestal (PRODEFOR)REDD / LULUCF2003
ProÁrbol –- Programme for the pament of environmental services (PSA)REDD / LULUCF2003
ProÁrbol –- Programme for commercial forest plantations (PRODEPLAN)REDD / LULUCF2003
General Law for Sustainable Forest DevelopmentREDD / LULUCF2003 (last revision 2012)
ProÁrbol –- Prevention and reaction to forest firesREDD / LULUCF2004
ProÁrbol –- Programme for the conservation and restoration of forest ecosystems (Procoref)REDD / LULUCF2004
ProÁrbol –- Programme for the development of a market for environmental services including amongst others carbon sequestrationREDD / LULUCF2004
Mexico’s Vision for REDD+REDD / LULUCF2010
Climate Change Strategy for Protected AreasREDD / LULUCF2011

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