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Party to the Convention: Yes
Party to the Protocol: Yes
UNFCCC Status: Annex I
2020 Reduction Target: 20-30% (1990), collectively with EU.
2050 Reduction Target: 80% (1990).
National Communication: Fifth National Communication


Italy’s Action Plan on CO2 Emissions ReductionClimate Change2012
GHG Emission TradingClimate Change2011
National Allocation Plan 2008-2012Climate Change2008
Bonus for Drivers Scrapping Old Vehicles to Join Car-SharingClimate Change2005
Incentives for Converting Vehicles to Run on Methane and LPGClimate Change2005
Rebates for Low-Emission MotorcyclesClimate Change2005
Biomass Research CentreClimate Change2004
Promotion of Electricity Produced from renewable energy sources in the internal electricity marketClimate Change2003
Strategy to Cut National Greenhouse Gas EmissionsClimate Change2002
Decentralisation of Environmental Protection Decision Linked to Power GenerationClimate Change2001
Fuel Switching in Power Production - Oil to GasClimate Change1999
Voluntary Climate PactClimate Change1999
Implementation of EU Directive on the promotion of cogenerationClimate Change, 2007
Development of Transport InfrastructureClimate Change, Energy Efficiency2002
Fund for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction, Energy Efficiency and Sustainable EnergyClimate Change, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy2001
Distribution of competencies for energy between State and RegionsClimate Change, Renewable Energy1998
Implementation of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme in ItalyEnergy Efficiency2006 (amended 2010)
Implementation of EU Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD)Energy Efficiency2006 (amended 2009)
Measures for increasing competition in the natural gas market and transferring the ensuing benefits to final customersEnergy Efficiency2010
National Electric System ResearchEnergy Efficiency2010
Smart Grid Development IncentivesEnergy Efficiency2010
Special fund to support the implementation of energy efficiency targetsEnergy Efficiency2010
Cleaner vehicle purchase incentivesEnergy Efficiency2009
Implementation Regulation: calculation methodology of building energy performanceEnergy Efficiency2009
Law concerning anti-crisis measures: energy provisionsEnergy Efficiency2009
National Guidelines for Energy Certification Scheme of BuildingsEnergy Efficiency2009
Provisions for the development and internationalisation of enterprises and energyEnergy Efficiency2009
Tax Deduction for High Efficiency AppliancesEnergy Efficiency2009
Biodiesel Aid SchemeEnergy Efficiency2008
Legislative Decree on Implementation of EU Energy Services DirectiveEnergy Efficiency2008
Budget Law 2007 - Energy efficiency provisionsEnergy Efficiency2007
National Energy Efficiency Action PlanEnergy Efficiency2007
National Strategic Framework 2007-2013: Networks and MobilityEnergy Efficiency2007
Tax allowance for electric motorsEnergy Efficiency2007
Financial Law 2007Energy Efficiency2006
Public/Private Working Group to Address Energy Efficient ServicesEnergy Efficiency2006
White Certificate Trading for End-Use Energy EfficiencyEnergy Efficiency2005
Reorganization of Energy Sector RegulationEnergy Efficiency2004
White Certificate Trading for Energy Efficiency - Criteria for Certificate Award and Verification of Compliance with Conservation Targets for DistributorsEnergy Efficiency2003
Regulations for Combined Heat and Power - CHPEnergy Efficiency2002
Car SharingEnergy Efficiency2001
Utility targets for increasing energy efficiencyEnergy Efficiency2001
Sustainable MobilityEnergy Efficiency2000
Energy Efficiency Co-financingEnergy Efficiency1999
Vehicle CertificationEnergy Efficiency1998
Measures to promote distributed generation and market liberalisationEnergy Efficiency1991
National Energy PlanEnergy Efficiency1991
Renewable energy provisions for the Green Certificates SystemEnergy Efficiency, Renewable Energy2008 (revised 2011)
Research for energy efficiency and renewable energy in urban areasEnergy Efficiency, Renewable Energy2009
Industria 2015: Industrial Innovation ProjectsEnergy Efficiency, Renewable Energy2008
Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy2002
New Feed-in premium for photovoltaic systems (Conto Energia V)Renewable Energy2012 (July 10)
Ecodesign requirements for energy-related productsRenewable Energy2011
National System of sustainability certification for BiofuelsRenewable Energy2011
New Feed-in premium for photovoltaic systemsRenewable Energy2011
Promotion of High Efficiency CogenerationRenewable Energy2011
RES Promotion - Decree implementing Directive 2009/28/ECRenewable Energy2011
Support for biomass supply chainRenewable Energy2011
"All inclusive" Feed-in Tariff for small renewable energy power plantsRenewable Energy2008
Feed-In Tariff for Solar Thermodynamic EnergyRenewable Energy2008
Italy - Methane to Markets PartnershipRenewable Energy2004
RES Promotion - Decree Implementing Directive 2001/77/ECRenewable Energy2004
Introduction of the Green Certificates SystemRenewable Energy1999

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