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Party to the Convention: Yes
Party to the Protocol: Yes
UNFCCC Status: Annex I
2020 Reduction Target: 40% (1990). 20-30% (1990), collectively with EU.
2050 Reduction Target: 80% (1990).
Fast-Start Pledge: $1,680M (€ 1,260M)
National Communication: Fifth National Communication


Policy NameTypeYear
Second Integrated Climate Change and Energy ProgrammeClimate Change Policy2008
BMU Climate InitiativeClimate Change Policy2008
Partnership for Climate Protection and EnergyClimate Change Policy2009
Research for Sustainable Development Framework ProgrammeClimate Change Policy2009
National Corporate Responsibility Strategy / Action Plan for CRSClimate Change Policy2010
Energy and Climate Fund (EKF)Climate Change Policy2010
Global Climate Protection FundClimate Change Policy2010
Act for the demonstration and application of technologies for the separation, transport and permanent storage of carbon dioxideClimate Change Policy2012
National Resource Efficiency Programmme (ProGress)Climate Change Policy2012
Energy Tax ActClean & renewable energy generation2006 (amended in 2011)
Act for the financing of the phasing out of coal subsidiesClean & renewable energy generation2007 (amended in 2011)
KfW Renewable Energies ProgrammeClean & renewable energy generation2009
National Biomass Action PlanClean & renewable energy generation2009
Act on the Promotion of Renewable Energies in the Heat Sector (Heat Act, EEWärmeG)Clean & renewable energy generation2009 (amended in 2011)
Energy ConceptClean & renewable energy generation2010
International Partnerships for Sustainable Technologies and Services for Climate Protection and the Environment (CLIENT)Clean & renewable energy generation2010
6th Energy Research ProgrammeClean & renewable energy generation2011
Market Incentive Programme (MAP)Clean & renewable energy generation2011
Act for the introduction of bioethanol fuelClean & renewable energy generation2011
Research Initiatives "Energy Storage", "Wind-Hydrogen Coupling", "Bateries in Distribution-Networks"Clean & renewable energy generation2012
Offshore grid expansion planClean & renewable energy generation2012
Promotion of Combined Heat and Power Generation PlantsClean & renewable energy generation2012
Amendment to the renewable energies law (EEG)Clean & renewable energy generation2012
“Blauer Engel” (Blue Angel)Efficiency in energy consumption1978 (amended 2010 to include GHG emission requirements)
Energy Efficiency and Corporate Environmental Protection ProgrammesEfficiency in energy consumption2008
Energy Conservation Regulations for BuildingsEfficiency in energy consumption2009 (amendment expected 2014)
New Vehicle Car TaxEfficiency in energy consumption2009
KfW - Programme Energy-Efficient RehabilitationEfficiency in energy consumption2009
Law on Eco-design Requirements for Energy-Using ProductsEfficiency in energy consumption2011
2nd National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP)Efficiency in energy consumption2011
Promotion of ElectromobilityEfficiency in energy consumption2011
Competitive Advantage Resource-Efficiency Marketing CampaignEfficiency in energy consumption2011
KfW Energy Efficiency Programme and KfW Environment ProgrammeEfficiency in energy consumption2012
Global Forest Partnership to conserve tropical forestsREDD / LULUCF2010
Forest Strategy 2020REDD / LULUCF2011
Bonn ChallengeREDD / LULUCF2011

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