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We have just released our debriefing of the COP-17/CMP-7 conference in Durban:

COP-17 De-briefing: Enhancements, Decisions, and the Durban Package (2408 downloads)

Within this report, we summarize some of the key subjects under discussion in the COP and CMP meetings: adaptation, mitigation, capacity building, technology, finance, REDD+, and the flexibility mechanisms: CDM, JI, and emissions trading. Within these sections, we make note of the background of these areas leading into Durban, discuss some of the issues under debate, and discuss their subsequent outcomes. In addition, we have included a compilation of negotiating positions, emission reduction proposals or commitments, and financial pledges. We then turn our attention to other notable conclusions contained or missing from the Durban Package and look to the road ahead in 2012 as Parties prepare for next year’s COP and CMP conference in Qatar.

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