BIO Energy

Bio-Energy Incompatible with Sustainable Production Study

Bioenergy holds a promise on being one of the top renewable energy resources. Processing organic matter to extract the potential energy, in theory, simply makes sense. However, the manner in which bioenergy is extracted can either be the real deal-breaker or deal-maker.

According to the Worlds Resources Institute, there is a great miscalculation of the bioenergy’s potential in the energy sector. Utilizing crops as fuel source instead for food consumption is one of the reasons why. Clearing lands to extract energy from wood may not produce greenhouse gases but it prevents from functioning as CO2 absorbent.

The debate about its efficiency in the extraction process has been tense for the past years. The threat of food shortage and also the misuse of fertile lands are usually the main topics for argument.

If there is a much safer, more practical and logical extraction of biomass in all possible situations, then bioenergy can be prioritized. One of the potential and possibly inexhaustible sources of bioenergy is organic waste such as leftovers, furniture, clothes and other plant and animal products.

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